Sauna Alentejo

Crafted luxury inspired by nordic traditions, delivered to you.

Rent our unique manufactured portable sauna for an unforgettable experience.

Maybe you are planning a romantic surprise or want to enjoy an exceptional evening with your friends?
We deliver the sauna to where you are for you to enjoy it as long as you like.
To find out more, take a look at out our calendar for free dates and special events.


Specially crafted portable sauna

We are a small homegrown business situated in São Luís, Odemira, Alentejo.

The Sauna is heated with wood, no electricity is needed!

There is heated water for steaming together with three different natural essential oils. Mixed with water they can be poured on the hot stones.
Warm-up time: 1 hour, Temperature: 70-95°C.
We recommend using our wood or read the wood manual to be well prepared.

Size: max 8 people, ideal for 4.

Please note that the sauna is on a trailer with the following dimensions
Length including the towbar: 4.5 meters
Width: 2.2 meters
Height including chimney: 3,20 meters

Sauna for Events ↓

We will offer ´sauna events´ in alternate locations, where you can come and enjoy the sauna for that evening together. 

Next dates: 

9th of April, 17-21h

18th of April, 17-21h

27th of April, 14-19h

Location: Moinho da Asneira, Vila nova de Milfontes

Join us in this beautiful location and have a dip in the Rio Mira to refresh yourself after using the sauna.

Adults sliding scale 15-20€ 

Kids 5€ 

Who are we? ↓


Built by local craftsmen Miro & Pacha, text and photos by Christina, all of which are sauna enthusiasts.

“We take great pleasure in making people happy by sharing our creation and providing the pleasure and health benefits of taking a sauna.

The sauna is created and built with ecological materials and lots of love.

We are looking forward to coming up with more unique creations.“


Conditions ↓


Location can be at a maximum distance of 35 km from São Luís (further only after email confirmation).

Booking time is one week in advance. Short term booking can be requested via Email.


How much does it cost?

Base price:

Monday – Sunday: € 110 / day 

3 days: 200€

5 days: 300€

7 days: 400€

Delivery and collection on weekdays: 09h.00-11.00h

Delivery on the weekend is between 14.00h and 15.00h.
Collection time is between 11.00h – 12.00h the next morning.

Costs for transport to your location : 2€/km.
We only charge for the kms when delivering the sauna.
This includes 1km of dirt road, every other km of dirt road costs 4€/ km extra.
Please inform us in this case in advance via email at:

Deposit: € 200 in cash, which will be refunded on return if the sauna is undamaged and fairly clean, minus the extra delivery expenses for more than 1 km dirt road.

Costs for wood are 20€/day (day duration 6h), more wood possibel, just mention
via Email.


Each rental includes

• A written description of how to operate the sauna so that you have everything you need for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Refund policy

No cancellation is possible after a booking is confirmed.

We don’t allow our sauna to be used at public parties or festivals.

Once your rental agreement is booked, you will receive an confirmation via email.

If damage is caused to the sauna or if the sauna is returned in an unhygienic condition, you will be liable for the costs of repair or cleaning.

Use of the sauna is at your own risk and we at saunalentejo are in no way liable for personal injury.

Book your Sauna

If you want to book the sauna for only 1 day, choose the same date for start and end date.
+ 20,00  / day

Buy wood for the sauna. The price is 20€/day (day duration 6h)

+ 2,00 

Choose the number of kilometers for delivery. The price is 2€/km.